How does Earnieland work?


Find your favorite shop and click via Earnieland to that shop.


Shop as usual at your favorite shop.


The total Earnie Discount will be deposited into your bank account.

What is Earnie Discount?

Earnieland receives a commission for a purchase if you visit that shop via Earnieland. That commission is shared with you as an Earnie Discount.

What is a PowerUp?

A PowerUp temporary increases your Earnie Discount with 20%


What are EarniePoints?

EarniePoints are earned and exchanged by shopping online via Earnieland. 100 EarniePoints have a value of € 1. You can earn them in different ways: 1) By shopping via Earnieland 2) By writing reviews.

What is an Explorer Badge?

Explorer Badges can be earned by shopping via Earnieland. The better your badge, the more EarniePoints will be exchanged into money with every purchase.

Explorer Badge

What is total Earnie Discount?

Total Earnie Discount is the Earnie Discount, augmented or not by a PowerUp and/or the exchanged EarniePoints. In short: the full discount on your purchase.

What are Best Deals?

Shops with Best Deals exchange EarniePoints into Earnie Discount and activate your PowerUp. Your purchase also counts to acquire a better Explorer Badge.

What are discount codes?

Copy and paste the coupon code in the right space in your shopping cart and enjoy immediately the benefits offered.

What is a payout

Earnieland deposits every month all approved Earnie Discount to your bankaccount.

Earnieland? We explain it to you.