Extra Discount

What is Extra Discount?

1. Earnieland receives a commission for every purchase you make in one of the partnershops and shares that commission with you by giving you an extra discount on your purchase.

2. Your Extra Discount will be visible in your Earnieland account a few hours/days after your purchase.

3. The Extra Discount is calculated on the net amount, not on VAT and shipping costs.

4. The approved Extra Discount will every month be transferred to your bank account.

How do I get Extra Discount?

1. ALWAYS start your Online Shopping from Earnieland.

2. If you have been using Google or went directly to the site to make a purchase, there is already a cookie on your computer. Then the chances are very high that Earnieland will NOT receive a commission, therefore, we can’t share the commission with you.

3. We recommend you to place Earnieland in your favourites bar above in your browser, next to Facebook and Google. This is a reminder to start your Online Shopping from Earnieland.

How is the Extra Discount calculated?

The Extra Discount is calculated on the net price excluding VAT and / or postage costs.

It Is normal that the purchase amount in your account is less than what you actually have paid. It is on that amount that the Extra Discount is calculated and not on the total purchase price.

Do I get an overview of my Extra Discount?

Yes, you can find your registered purchases which earned Extra Discount chronologically in "My account" under "My purchases".

There you will find the most important details of your purchases: date, shop, purchase price, Extra Discount, PowerUp, EarniePoints that have been converted, your new purchase price via Earnieland and the status.

Do I keep the discount mentioned in the shop if I visit the shop via Earnieland?

Yes, the Extra Discount promised by Earnieland is an addition to the discount already given by the shop. The discount on the site of a partnershop may be a temporary price reduction, an early booking discount or special offer. Vouchers are an exception.


What is a PowerUp?

A PowerUp raises the Extra Discount up to 20% for 7 days.

If you are logged in and a PowerUp is active, the duration of it will be indicated at the top of your screen.

How to get a PowerUp?

1. Immediately after your registration on Earnieland, you will receive a PowerUp.

2. For each registered purchase at one of our partnershops, you will receive a PowerUp.

Example of a PowerUp?

5% Extra Discount becomes temporary 6%

Extra Discount € 10 Extra Discount becomes temporary € 12

Extra Discount If you have an active PowerUp (which still lasts for some time) and you make another purchase via Earnieland, then, a new PowerUp will start for 7 days.


What are EarniePoints?

EarniePoints are points that can only be earned on the Earnieland platform. They are converted into money while shopping online via Earnieland.

You can see the balance of your EarniePoints in your Earnieland account. You can track how many EarniePoints you’ve earned and redeemed per purchase.

100 EarniePoints have the value of 1 euro.

How do I earn EarniePoints?

1. Every online purchase via Earnieland gives you EarniePoints. How much depends on your Explorer Badge the moment of your purchase. The higher your Explorer Badge, the more EarniePoints you earn.

2. Each registration of a friend gives you 500 EarniePoints (value € 5). Invite friends by Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus & Pinterest from your Earnieland account and share your favourite shop on various social media platforms. A message will be created, add some text & post the message on your wall.

When a friend clicks on that post and registers, you will receive 500 EarniePoints. You can earn maximum 5.000 EarniePoints per month. (value € 50)

3. Each approved review gives you 10 EarniePoints. (value € 0,10) The review should add value, contain realistic content and be different from the rest. Up to 3 reviews per day are allowed = 30 EarniePoints. (value € 0,30)

When will my EarniePoints convert into money?

From the moment you've got EarniePoints that are "Approved", your EarniePoints will convert into money with EVERY online purchase with Earnieland.

The higher your Explorer badge, the more EarniePoints will be converted.

These converted EarniePoints + your approved Extra Discount will be transferred monthly to your bank account.

How does Earnieland know I've invited a friend?

1. When you invite a friend by e-mail from your Earnieland account and that friend clicks on the link in your email and signs up, you will receive 500 EarniePoints. Via that link Earnieland knows who is entitled to receive the 500 EarniePoints. (worth € 5).

2. When you click on share buttons within Earnieland, a post will be created on your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or Google Plus account. If a friend, colleague or follower of yours clicks on that link and registers, you will receive 500 EarniePoints. Via that link Earnieland knows who is entitled to receive the 500 EarniePoints (worth € 5).

Pay attention! You must always be logged in to receive EarniePoints before you share that link. The maximum amount of EarniePoints you can receive with inviting friends is limited to 5000 per month. (worth € 50)

Explorer Badge

What's an Explorer badge?


An Explorer Badge converts EarniePoints into Extra Discount when you shop with Earnieland.

The better your Explorer Badge, the more EarniePoints will be converted.

There are 10 different Explorer Badges to be gained with Earnieland:

1/ Surfing

2/ EarnieBeach

3/ EarnieVillage

4/ EarnieCity

5/ EarnieWood

6/ EarnieMountains

7/ EarnieCloud

8/ EarnieHeaven

9/ EarnieSpace

10/ EarnieMoon

In your Earnieland-account, you can see which Explorer Badge you currently have and what you can do to gain the next one.


How do I achieve a better Explorer Badge?

You can achieve a better Explorer badge within Earnieland by meeting targets:

1 / Have approved purchases

2/ Earn approved Extra Discount

3 / Write approved reviews

4 / Recruite friends who also buy something via Earnieland

If you reach 2 of the 4 target, you will receive automatically a better Explorer Badge.

Total Extra Discount

What is total Extra Discount?

Total Extra Discount can consist out of 3 sorts of discount:

1. A basic Extra Discount on your purchase

2. A raise of your Extra Discount of 20% coming from a Power Up

3. A raise of your Extra Discount from 1% up to 30% by exchange of EarniePoints

How is my total Extra Discount calculated?

The total Extra Discount is calculated based on the net amount, VAT and shipping costs excluded. It  can consist of three different discounts:

1 / Base Extra Discount

2 / A boost (PowerUp) of 20% on the Extra Discount

3 / EarniePoints converted into cash

If you made a purchase at a partner shop where you get ‘Best Deals via Earnieland’ you do not receive an Extra Discount or a PowerUp, only EarniePoints will be converted into money.

Can I save up my EarnieDiscount and have the whole amount payed out at once?

Yes, if you DO NOT fill in your bank account number, your savings (Extra Discount) will grow continuously within your Earnieland account.

If you fill do fill in your bank account number, from then on, Earnieland will automatically pay you your approved Extra Discount, month after month.

Do I get an overview of my Extra Discount?

Yes, you can find your registered purchases with your Extra Discount chronologically in "My account" under "My purchases".

There you will find the most important details of your purchases: date, shop, purchase price, Extra Discount, PowerUp, EarniePoints that have been converted, your new purchase price via Earnieland and the status.

Collect EarniePoints

Some shops don’t give an Extra Discount but show Best Deals. What is the difference?

These shops have an anti-rebate policy but you can buy in these shops via Earnieland because:

1. A PowerUp is activated with your purchase.

2. You earn EarniePoints with your purchase.

3. Your purchase counts to acquire a higher Explorer Badge.

Discount code

What is a discount code?

1. A discount code ensures that you will recieve a direct discount on the amount payable or that you will receive something by doing an purchase via Earnieland.

2. Copy and paste the discount code just before checkout in the space provided in your shopping basket at the partner shop.

3. The mentioned discount will be deducted immediately from the amount to be paid or the free delivery / return / gift will be a fact.

How do I get a discount code?

You can get a discount code when the partnershop offers one within Earnieland.

You can find them under the description of the shop. If there is no discount code, the shop doesn’t have any active codes for the moment.

What types of discount codes are there?

Webshops can also rename discount codes. Most shops call it discount codes, promo codes, vouchers, coupons, promotional codes, action codes etc. Ultimately, it all comes to the same thing: they offer you something directly when you make an online purchase.

There are 6 different types of discount codes:

1. A fixed percentage on your total order, eg. 10% discount on a TV.

2. A flat-rate reduction on your order, eg. 5 euro discount on a plane ticket.

3. A discount only on a certain amount, eg. 15% discount on orders from 120 euro.

4. A discount only valid on certain products, eg. 15% discount on the new collection.

5. Temporary free delivery or return offered, eg. Free shipping until July 1st.

6. A gift together with your order, eg. 10kg dog food with a minimum order of 100 euro


What is a payout?

Every last day of the month at midnight, Earnieland checks your approved EarnieDiscount. How much have you earned by shopping online via Earnieland?The next day, you will receive a mail that Earnieland will transfer your approved EarnieDiscount to your bank account the same month.

The payout is monthly and always occurs mid-month. You only have to add your bank account number once and payouts will be made automatically month by month.

If your bank account number is not completed in your account at the time of the payout, your EarnieDiscount will be saved and added to the next month. See terms and conditions.

Your payout will be ‘pending’ until the goods and/or services are delivered and paid and the right to return period has expired.

How do I get paid?

Make sure Earnieland knows your correct bank account number.

You can enter or adjust it in your Earnieland account under ‘my profile’.

Only approved EarnieDiscount before the end of the month, will be paid the next month into your bank account.

If Earnieland doesn’t have your bank account number on the 10th of the month, your payment will automatically be transferred to the next month.

How can I enter or change my bank account number?

1. Log into Earnieland.

2. Click on ‘My Account’ above right.

3. Click on ‘my profile’.

4. Fill in your bank account number in the box 'IBAN' Via 'Get your BIC here' you can find the BIC code of your bank.

5. Click below on the 'Save' button to confirm. Only a correct IBAN number is stored, otherwise you will get an error message.

Earnieland asks to fill in my bank account number. Is that safe?

In order to pay your EarnieDiscount, Earnieland obviously needs your bank account number. You can fill it in, in your Earnieland account.

Your account page is protected by our own servers. By knowing your bank account number, Earnieland can only deposit money to it.

FYI: on all invoices from self-employed people, their bank account number is mentioned. If you have to pay a fine or taxes, the bank account number of the government is always stated. Each utility company (water / gas / electricity) always give their bank account number. A bank account number can only be used to transfer money to it.

So, your concern is really not necessary :)


How do I register on Earnieland?

A. Through Facebook:

1. Click on ‘register with Facebook’.

2. Accept that Earnieland will use your name and email from Facebook.

3. You will immediately receive a confirmation email that you are registered.

B. Manual:

1. Click on 'register'.

2. Enter your name and first name.

3. Enter your e-mail address and choose a password.

4. Click on 'register'.

5. You will immediately receive a confirmation email that you are registered.

How do I log in to Earnieland?

1. Click on 'Login' on the top right.

2. Enter your email address and your password.

To use all the features of Earnieland you have to be logged in. This way you will receive Extra Discount and/or EarniePoints. If you are not registered yet, you can do so within 10 seconds.

Click on 'Register' top right and register via Facebook or manually.

How can I change my password?

1. Click in the login page on 'forgot password'.

2. Enter your e-mail address of which you are registered on Earnieland.

3. Earnieland will send you a link so you can change your password.

How do I register my shop in Earnieland?

If you're a big e-shop, we will write an API together with your IT-people so that our sites can communicate in real time 24/7.

An easier and cheaper way for you is that you contact one of our agents. For little money they make your site interacting with their back office, which already communicates with the backoffice of Earnieland.

You agree with them the commission per sale or per lead. Once you do have an account there, your site can be active on Earnieland, within a period of two days.

Enjoy the communication channels and purchasing power of Earnieland and start acquiring new customers.

Contact TradeTracker in your country.

Happy Online Shopping :)

Registration of purchases

Why is my purchase not registered or approved on Earnieland?

The shop to which you have clicked via Earnieland, will ONLY register your purchase in your Earnieland account, when a cookie on your computer refers to Earnieland. In that case Earnieland receives a commission, which is happily shared with you in the form of an Extra Discount.

1. You visited the shop already before clicking to the shop via Earnieland?
Then the chances are very high that your purchase will NOT be registered or approved on Earnieland.
There is already a cookie active from the shop on your computer and your IP-address is saved by the shop itself. Earnieland and you cannot do much about it.
We strongly recommend you to use only Earnieland to visit e-commerce shops.

2. You clicked on a pop-up inside the shop where they propose a deal?
Then the chances are very high that your purchase will NOT be registered or approved on Earnieland.
There will be another cookie active or the Earnieland cookie will be overwritten.
We strongly recommend you to not click on promotional content within the shop.

3. You clicked from Google to the site? (or a link in a newsletter or on a promotional mail from the shop itself)?
Then the chances are very high that your purchase will NOT be registered or approved on Earnieland.
There will be another cookie active or the Earnieland cookie will be overwritten.
We strongly recommend you to use only Earnieland to visit e-commerce shops.

4. You bought online but picked up the goods offline?

Then the chances are very high that your purchase will NOT be registered or approved on Earnieland.

The terms & conditions of the shop are mostly really strict. This means that the purchase should be fully settled online. 

Approval of Extra Discount?

1. Your purchase has the status ‘pending’ together with your Extra Discount until the goods/services are delivered and ‘the right to return period’ is over. After that, your purchase will be ‘approved’. With several shops, this can take up to 100 days. For other shops it can be 30 to 45 days. Groupon takes 4 months and AliExpress may take up to eight months. Any partnershop of Earnieland can determine how long the approval period will be itself.

2. Holiday or hotel bookings have three conditions to be approved on Earnieland.

- The goods and / or services must be paid in total.

- The stay and the period in which you can report complaints should be over.

- The booking site and the owner of the residence must have closed the purchase.

3. If you return your goods within the legal return period or if you cancel your holiday or hotel, the partner shop will report this to Earnieland and the amount next to ‘pending’ will be adapted to zero. In this case you will NOT receive Extra Discount.

4. If you only return the goods partially within the legal return period, the partner shop will report this to Earnieland and the amount next to "pending" will be adapted to the Extra Discount you've actually earned, according to your purchase.

My Extra Discount says €0, how come?

When you make a purchase but the payment will be done after delivery, we're not able to aknowledge your Extra Discount yet.
Earnieland WON'T be granted a commission until the payment has happened.

The moment the partnershop receives the payment, the accurate Extra Discount will appear in your account.


Can I contact a shop via Earnieland?

No, customers can’t communicate via Earnieland with a shop.

Earnieland can not and should not intervene in the contractual agreements that a customer has made with one of our partner shops.

Maybe you have a complaint about a late, defective or incomplete delivery or a promised discount was not applied on their site or you have questions about the details of the bill or invoice, etc. Then you need to contact personally the customer support service of that partnershop. This is not the jurisdiction of Earnieland.

Oops! Forgot to activate Earnieland on the shop: can i still get the Extra Discount?

No, if you HAVEN'T activated Earnieland on the shop, Earnieland WON'T receive a commission so they CAN'T share it with you in Extra Discount.                  

How does a shop know I've activated Earnieland and receive Extra Discount?

When you're logged in and click to a shop, an Earnieland-cookie is being placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Immediately, another Earnieland-cookie is being put at the partnershop, in which we've integrated your userID. Right when you make a purchase, that shop knows you came through Earnieland en that Earnieland needs to recieve a commission. Earnieland shares that commission with you by giving you Extra Discount. Need to know more about cookies?            

Tips for a successfull purchase registration.


1. Put Earnieland in your bookmarks-bars next to Facebook and Google. This as a reminder that online shopping with Extra Discount ALWAYS starts with Earnieland.

2. When cookies are disabled, make sure to enable them. At http://supportdetails.com you can check if they are in fact enabled. When they're disabled, you need to enable them: that way, cookies are being placed and they're fundamental for Earnieland.


3. Always log in to Earnieland FIRST, search for a shop and activate Earnieland on that shop by clicking the button or banner. Make your purchase without any other intermediate steps or clicks.

4.  DON'T click on Google advertisements or a link in a promotionmail from the shop itself. That way, a cookie is already put at the shop and the Earnieland-cookie is being overwritten.

5. DON'T click on pop-ups within a shop that put promotions in the spotlight.
When you do that, the Earnieland-cookie is again overwritten.

6. You started purchasing but completed it over the phone or in an offline store?

Then it's very likely that your purchase WON'T be registered.                                    


What is Earnieland?


Online shopping became a bit dull to shoppers and the costs to gain new customers are incredibly high for shops. That led to the existence of Earnieland, a platform that makes online shopping more fun and cheap. Earnieland receives a commission for every sale at the partnershops and shares it with its users through EarniePoints and Extra Discount.
Because of this, Earnieland is the Robin Hood of the e-commerce.

You'll start an incredible shopping experience where you receive Extra Discount on your purchases, whether or not boosted by a PowerUp. You collect EarniePoints and/or Extra Discount with every purchase at one of Earnieland's partnershops. Those EarniePoints are exchanged into Extra Discount. You gain better Explorer Badges that make sure more EarniePoints wil be converted with every sale. Cash is King with Earnieland and the more you "Earnieland", the more Extra Discount you'll get.

Happy Online Shopping :)


How does Earnieland work?


Earnieland functions as a digital loyalty system for all your online purchases. Currently, Earnieland already closed more than 1300 partnerships. When you activate Earnieland on a webshop and you make a purchase, you earn Extra Discount and EarniePoints. Once approved, they will be deposited into your bankaccount. When you use the platform weekly, you'll also benefit from a PowerUp which raises your Extra Discount by 20%.

Your account keeps track of all your purchases and earned discounts. Monthly, Earnieland transfers the approved amount of total Extra Discount onto your bankaccount.

Your can use Earnieland on different continents for websites as Booking, Expedia, hotels stays and plane-tickets.

Earn EarniePoints by completing challenges, referring friends to Earnieland or writing reviews.
You can invite friends per mail or share shops you like via social media. When your friend then clicks that link and registers, you'll be granted 500 EarniePoints per registered friend. (Value: €5)

Happy Online Shopping :)                     

How do I see if I can get an Extra Discount for a particular product or site on Earnieland?

If the partnershop is not shown in the search results within Earnieland, it means that it is not a partner of Earnieland yet, so for now you can’t get an Extra Discount.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are encrypted in the folder of your browser. They are used by web developers to efficiently navigate through websites.

They help identify the user without the need to sign each time. For Earnieland, have your cookies are always active otherwise we can no discount with you.

How to check whether cookies will work on my computer?

If you have disabled cookie operation, switch it back on. On you can check your settings. If they are 'disabled', you have to switch them to 'enabled', then your cookies will function properly.

How do I activate cookies?

Mozilla Firefox 
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 8
Internet Explorer 9
Internet Explorer 10
Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer Vista

Apple / OS X
Safari 9 (El Capitan) 
Safari 8 (Yosemite)
Safari 7 (Mavericks) 

We also encourage you to work with the latest updates of your operating system and browser.


Can Earnieland see what I bought?

No, Earnieland only receives the amount and the time of your online purchase!

With that data we calculate your EarnieDiscount and insert your purchase in your account.

If the legal return period is over, the partnershop also informs Earnieland that your purchase is approved.

Will my information be shared with third parties?

No, your data will not be disclosed to third parties!

The protection of personal data is a matter of trust and we care of your privacy with great importance. We comply with all the applicable privacy legislation, rules and regulations. All data provided by you, will only be used within Earnieland so that we are in the ability to transfer your earned EarnieDiscount into your bank account.


Referring friends

You'll receive 500 EarniePoints (5 Euro) for every friend that registers.

How do I refer these friends?

1. In your Earnieland account you can invite friends by e-mail. When a friend registers through that mail, you'll alse be granted 500 EarniePoints 2. You'll find sharebuttons on the Earnieland website. These buttons create a social post and that way your friends can register. 3. There's a link in your account that can be copied and pasted. When a friend registers through that link, you'll alse be granted 500 EarniePoints.